Meet Lisa

Hello! I’m Lisa Olivera. I’m so many things —I’m a writer, a creative, a reader, a therapist, a seeker, an enneagram 4w5, an INFJ, a deep question asker, an adoptee, a wife, a mother, a cat mom, a sister, a student of curiosity, a nature lover… to name just a small portion of what makes me me.

I think of myself as a guide and mirror who is here to support humans in remembering, cultivating, and living into their full humanity – into who they truly are. I am certain that we’re all already whole, worthy, and good enough – but sometimes, life and the systems we live in make it really hard to remember that truth.

I came to exploring and navigating this work through my own inner work and process — through my own reckoning with the false versions of myself I had grown to believe were true. In this deep learning and unlearning (that continues to this day and will continue my entire life), I’ve uncovered a well of wisdom within me and a rich desire to share it. I’ve found a deep understanding of the necessity for community and togetherness, for knowing we aren’t alone, and for undoing the idea that we should be able to do any of this Being Human stuff by ourselves.

I work and share from the perspective of what Irvin Yalom calls a fellow traveler — as someone who is walking the path with you, alongside you — not as an expert or authority. I hold others as sovereign over themselves, capable of their healing, and containing their own innate wisdom. I believe the right questions can lead you to your own answers, that holding sacred space creates enough room for you to hear yourself more clearly, and that offering warm reminders allows you to remember who you truly are, underneath the stories that have been piled on top.

It is my hope that the work I share supports you in exploring, knowing, and embracing the gift and goodness of who you are. That it reminds you of the importance of attention, presence, intuition, and inner wisdom. That it guides you back to yourself. That it supports you in cultivating a more nourishing and nurturing relationship with all parts of who you are. That it allows you a moment to breathe — a moment of pause — a moment to recalibrate.

I write: a weekly newsletter called Human Stuff, scribbles and wonderings in my private journal, occasional reflections on Instagram, a book called Already Enough, and the slow beginnings of a second book.

I guide: I facilitate writing workshops aimed at bringing you closer to who you are and what matters to you.

I read: to know myself, to remember all I don't know, to get a glimpse into others, to remember the un-aloneness that exists between all of us.

I mother: my almost-two year old daughter, the flowers in my yard, myself.

Some of what I do:

Some of what I believe:

I believe in embracing imperfection instead of constantly repeating a story of not-enoughness.

I believe in nurturing our relationship with ourselves intentionally and moment-to-moment.

I believe in asking potent questions and not always needing an answer.

I believe in allowing messiness instead of never feeling “put together” enough.

I believe in creating a life that feels meaningful, expansive, and whole.

I believe in unlearning old stories in order to remember the truth of our being.

I believe in looking to nature for lessons, support, and guidance.

I believe in expressing ourselves in all the ways we feel called to.

I believe in remembering what is and isn’t ours to carry, take responsibility for, or allow.

I believe in finding presence and discovering wonder & awe on a daily basis.

I believe in healing as an ongoing practice instead of a task to complete.

I believe in understanding who we’ve been so we can fully live into who we are.

I believe in tuning into cycles, seasons, and our own inner ebb and flow.

I believe in making room for our full humanity to belong, always.

I believe in learning and unlearning, over and over, forever.

I believe in unfolding into the truth of already being enough.

Values that inform my work:


Official Bio

Lisa Olivera is a writer, therapist, and creative who shares work centered around radical acceptance, cultivating compassion, and integrating our stories and full humanity. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University, where she received the Dr. Robert Schukraft award for Inspirational Leadership. She has worked in schools, community-based mental health, and private practice, all of which inform her lens of the world. Her work has been featured in many publications including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Lisa writes the popular weekly newsletter, Human Stuff, on Substack, teaches writing workshops, and is working on her second book. Her first book, Already Enough, was published by Simon and Schuster in early 2022. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two cats in Northern California.


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